Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas blog post #17 The Big Picture Frame & #18 painted candlesticks

It's Monday and I'm here! 
We had a great weekend filled with family and making tamales.
It's always nice spending time with family that you don't see often enough!
Mia had a blast with everyone and at the end of the day that's all that matters to us.
We're super excited to spend time with all of our family and friends on Christmas.
There's less than one week until Christmas and I don't know about you, but I don't want it to be over!
We're getting closer to our 25th Christmas blog post and that will be the last!
So without further ado, I'll start our 17th.
# 17 The Big Picture Frame

This project was the easiest because well.. I didn't do any of it!
Levi did all of the work, my only job was to remind him to do it.
You might remember the framed map that was at the top of our shelves.
It looked like this.

Well, I asked Levi to take out the map and draw something Christmas themed.
Finished product!
It can be seen at the top of our shelves.(which will be revealed in a later post)
Next to that picture are our newly painted candlesticks!

#18 Painted Candlesticks

We bought these candlesticks at the thrift store for Halloween and painted them black.
Here's a picture of what they looked like before painted black.

You can see them here painted black on our Halloween shelves.
Now here's a picture of what they look like now.
Those are the candle stems painted white with some sparkly silver candlesticks.
Below is a picture of one of the large candle holders after it has been painted white.

I made two more scalloped trees out of the punch outs that I had leftover from the sewn garland and placed them on top of the larger candle holders.
That's that, this post was quick, easy and painless.
These were two of our easier projects, but I love the outcome!
We're so excited for Christmas.
I'm a little sad that it's going to be over, but as luck would have it; once Christmas is over I have to start pinching some penny's to pull off a birthday party for my soon to be three year old.
I'm contemplating a handmade birthday party( decorations, food, cake etc.) so costs may possibly be cut!
But let me not get ahead of myself!
Christmas blog posts number 19 and 20 will be ready for you tomorrow! 
Have some hot chocolate for me!

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