Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#6 Sewn Garland

Today's craft is very easy and pretty versatile.
It can be used for birthday parties, Christmas trees or just to decorate a room.
I've made some of this sewn garland before. 
If you look closely, you can see it in our title picture up there behind Mia.
All you'll need is a large hole punch, (again) some paper of your choice and a sewing machine.
I got two old books that were falling apart and tore out a few pages.

I liked that the color of the pages differed a little so it would give the garland some contrast.
After I had my pages torn out, I started punching holes.

Then I had some pretty sweet confetti!

Once all of the holes were punched and I had quite a bit of little circles, I started sewing!

It's pretty easy, just sew through the middle of the circle, then add the next.

And keep going...

Until you have a whole bunch of garland done!
You can stop when you think it's long enough and pull out some extra thread if you want to hang it up, just make sure you tie a knot in the end so it wont unravel.
I just kept going until I ran out of circles and it looked like this.

Pretty, right?
I made this garland for our Christmas tree and hung a few strands on our shelves.

There's our Christmas tree and this is what it looks like close up!

Super easy and so cute!
You can use different colored paper for different decorations, you can even use fabric scraps for a reusable garland. You can just change it up however you want to use it.
I'll probably use some for Mia's third birthday party this year.
Can you believe my baby is going to be three this month?
Oh well, just another reminder that time flies by and you have to make the most of it,
especially when you have kids.
Well, that's all for now!
I'll be back tomorrow for some more Christmas crafting!

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