Friday, December 16, 2011

#15  Advent calender and Felt bow

#15 Mia's advent calender

Keeping with the Christmas traditions, we wanted to make Mia an advent calender.
Instead of buying a cardboard/chocolate one (I couldn't find one anywhere) we decided to make one.
We got our inspiration from a tutorial from Design Sponge.
They have a print out of these little Christmas crackers on their site here.

So we printed out the template onto some white and blue card stock, 

cut out the crackers and tied them up.
We weren't sure how we were going to hang them up but then we remembered seeing some photo's of people hanging up their stockings on a tree branch so we decided that was going to be how we hung up our treats!
Here's what it looks like:
I also decorated it with a strand of sewn garland.

Here's Mia opening her daily gift!
Now Mia looks forward to opening her treat at the end of each day!

#16 Felt bow

Most of my Christmas crafts have been done using felt.
This is one more to add to the list.
This is going to be a felt Christmas bow.

All you'll need is a sheet of felt, a glue gun or a needle and thread.
I used a needle and thread but it may be easier to glue it.
First, I cut out three long strips, three more slightly shorter, 
two an inch shorter than that and one even shorter piece.
There's no definite measurement as long as you have nine strips.

First, you take one of the longer pieces and fold it so that the ends match, then sew it.

Then you do the same to the next piece, only add it on top of the first one.

Keep doing the same thing for the next pieces.

The last strip was tricky, but I just sewed one side first, then the other side.

That's it! 
You could also use fabric or paper for this project.
I'm officially caught up!
This is the 16th project on December 16th!
Have a great weekend! 
I'll meet you back here on Monday with some more crafts!

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