Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#19 Christmas Card Holder & #20 Our Stockings

#19 My super easy Christmas card holder.

I didn't have many Christmas cards this year. 
I can't say that we sent any out either.
We still have our annual picture of Mia next to the Christmas tree, 
but we skipped the Christmas cards this year.
Mostly because Mia was a little freaked out about sitting on 
Santa's lap and I didn't want to force her to do it.
Where's the fun in that?
For the Christmas cards that I did receive and the ones saved from last year,
 I wanted to display them!
Here's the quick and easy way that I did it.
First I got a large, old picture frame.
We have a few in our garage.
Painted it white and hot glued some string in zigzags.

I used hot glue because it'll hold the string and once Christmas is over, I can just peel the glue off and use it for something else!
Here's what it looks like hung up.

And with our holiday cards.

Next year I may need a bigger frame, depending on how many cards I accumulate.
Well, that was a quick and easy tutorial.
The next post is:

Post #20 Our Handmade Stockings.

I started working on these stockings back in October.
I drew out a stocking on some butcher paper, pinned it to some fabric and cut it out.
Here's what they looked like after I cut out the fabric.

They're all facing inward.
Next I cut some felt for the hanging loops.

Folded that felt, then sewed it so it would be extra sturdy.

Then I got a sheet of white felt.

Folded it in half and placed it along the edge of the stocking.

Once it was pinned, I sewed along the edge of the top so that it would fold down facing the front of the  stocking.

I folded down the front felt flap, and sewed the front and back of the
 stockings together leaving it to look like this.

I also folded the felt loop and sewed it to the back of the stocking.
Next it was time to decorate the stockings.
I started to decorate Mia's stocking while Levi did his, but he did such a good job on his that I commissioned him to do mine and Mia's.
Mia's in process.
Mia's done.
Mine, finished!
Here's all of ours together.
Along with the dog's stockings.
Christmas is only five days away, can you believe it!?
Which means there are only five posts left.
I've figured out how to type out my blog at night and have it automatically posted in the morning!
So check back here every morning at 10am for a new post!
I'll still be posting on facebook, but I can't guarantee it will be in the morning! 
Hope you enjoyed today's posts.
Meet you back here tomorrow at 10 am! 

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