Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bedroom renovation. (from the beginning)

You read it right, it's finally time to reveal the long awaited bedroom renovation.
It took a whole lot of time. 
Not just because we were preoccupied with other projects but because it took a while for me to figure out exactly what I wanted. (And I'm still not completely satisfied!) 
I've never posted pictures of our bedroom on my blog before.
The reason was that it was either bare or it was a project that was unfinished!
With that in mind, I thought I'd start from the beginning and show you the white walls and soon after the decorating attempt gone wrong.
So, let's get started, shall we?
Here you see white walls and some over-sized furniture that I had from when I was in high school.
This picture and the next were taken right before our very first renovation.
Here is more furniture, our super heavy tv, bare windows and our closet with no doors.
We were in the process of moving stuff out and getting ready to paint the room.

The next few pictures are "in process pictures."
Here too, we were in the process of moving more crap out and 
getting ready to paint the room the current color. 
The frame that Levi is disassembling is what was our platform bed.
As you can see we moved out the huge, dark furniture and the super heavy tv and switched them out with smaller versions.
Once again, no closet doors, green room, coral curtains, all of which do not work!

  You may remember the hardware switch that took place here.

You may also remember the framed maps

What you didn't see was the transition from the green room to what the room is now.

And now for the end product!

We love our bedroom. (especially when it stays clean!)
I've been trying all week to keep the room clean for this, but somehow every time toys end up on the floor, clothes end up on the bed or the bed just doesn't get made!
I'm going to attempt to list all of the accessories in the room and where they came from.
If I miss anything and you'd like to know where it's from let me know!
I'll start with some of my favorites and go from there.
The Map- $9.99 @ Borders
The colorful blanket- Thrifted
The nightstands and white shelves- made by Levi
Fabric for curtains and headboard- Hancock Fabrics (Dwell Studio) 50% off so we paid $9.99/yd
Grey Rose body pillow- made by me using Ikea's Rosmarie fabric $8.99/yd
White deer head- HomeGoods- $25 
Silver tree with branches- TjMaxx $6.99
Silver alarm clock- $1 thrifted
Readers Digest books- .29 cents each, thrifted

I feel accomplished now that I've finally posted this long awaited renovation!
I still plan on changing a few things, but that's me; never satisfied! 
Now that I've completed this, it's time for me to take down the Halloween decorations and start planning out my Christmas decor! 
I may leave some of the fall colored decorations up until Thanksgiving but
 I'll definitely have Christmas on my mind!

I hope you enjoyed today's post.
Tomorrow I'm going to spice things up!
Ha, just kidding! I'm taking the day off! 

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  1. I love it! I'm still super jealous over that dresser, and that headboard is to die for. And look at little Rigby! So precious :)

    xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple


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