Thursday, November 3, 2011

Inspiration vs. Our rooms

I've shown you the before and afters of our remodeled bedrooms 
but what you haven't seen is the inspiration for the colors of our bedrooms and all around design.
We find a lot of inspirational pictures on other blogs and even just from google images.
We have numerous folders on our computer (before we found pinterest) compiled with photo's
of rooms we love and things we want to someday do in our home. 
Our latest room remodels have been our guest bedroom and more recently our own bedroom.
I looked through hundreds of photos to find something that matched our style for our bedroom.
We made about six trips to Lowe's and Home Depot looking through paint swatches.
Don't worry, Levi's well aware that his wife is indecisive and just needs that extra push to get things going.
Ultimately, the color we decided on for our bedroom was a light tan color. 
Since I wanted to incorporate the color through the accessories in the room, the room color had to be neutral.
Here is a picture that gave me inspiration for the color of our room.

This is my dream room. 
I love everything about it! 
(besides the obviously hideous ceiling fan, but pretend it's not there. I know I do!)
The combination of white and tan bring out the yellow and blue accent colors.
I loved the calm and cool colors so much that I chose them for my room!

In case you forgot. 

For my next inspiration photo, I used more of it than I actually thought.
I had seen this picture and loved everything about this room.
It was exactly how I wanted to do a room in my house.
I even showed Levi and he did the usual "that's cool" and walked away.
Now, if you remember from this post, we used everything (except for the curtains) that we already had stored in our house. We chose accessories from all over the house to put in that room. 
The furniture came from the garage where it had been stored along with the shelving.
After renovating our guest room I was looking through all of my inspiration pictures and realized that my guest room is so much more similar to this picture than I planned. 
Here's the picture:

After seeing this again, I realized that I used the same exact curtains!
The curtains that I used weren't window curtains, they were shower curtains first seen here.
I used two shower curtains, cut them in half and used them as four window panels.
It kind of blew my mind.
I wonder if this person made her window panels out of shower curtains too or if somewhere they have the same exact curtains for sale?
It doesn't really matter now that I've made my own.
So... yeah, that's the indirect inspiration room. 
It's a bit more formal than our room.
But our room has a touch of Levi and a touch of Carissa in it.

We added a new shelf. (Thrift store $10)
It holds some of my craft supplies. (since I don't have a craft room, yet)
There's baskets with glue, markers and scissors.
And there's a glass vase filled with zippers and a glass bowl filled with thread.
Construction and tissue paper on the bottom and a few more globes on top.
We've got a total of five globes in our home.
Levi loves them and I can't deny his love for the spherical representation of the earth! 
Besides, he doesn't mind my owl, elephant and nesting doll collections.
Or my obsession with all things Christmas.
If you're not into Christmas, you shouldn't come to my house.
There will be Christmas music, baking, Christmas trees, gift wrapping, Christmas movies and a whole mess of decorations.
All before it's even Thanksgiving.
There's a tradition in my house to have the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving.
Yeah, I created the tradition when we first moved into this house a few years ago.
A bit much? 
I think not! 

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