Thursday, August 4, 2011

upholstered headboard DIY

It's been a while since our last renovation. It wasn't supposed to be this long but since then we've gone on vacation, I got sick and we got hooked on watching Lost on Netflix. Now we're back and it feels like what we're working on now is much more work than any other room we've done. (Or maybe because I'm actually doing work this time around?) Either way, we're exhausted. Now to the point: While I was sick my wonderful husband made us an upholstered headboard...or three? You'll see.

First, we measured the size of our bed so that it would fit and then we went to buy the wood. While buying the wood we realized that it was too big to fit in our car. So we had it cut in three pieces and made it work!

Next we bought the fabric and foam at the fabric store. Usually when you upholster something you're supposed to use batting to keep everything in place, but we skipped it. We got pretty thick foam in case of monkeys jumping on the bed and bumping their heads. ( Wow, yup, I used that) Back to the point once again, instead of buying batting we used spray adhesive. 

So he sprayed the appropriately cut foam with spray adhesive and laid it onto the wood as seen above. Next he wrapped it tightly with fabric and stapled it on the back. It was a little bit trickier for Levi because he had to make sure all of the squares on the fabric lined up when next to each other, but it came out wonderfully.

It's a little hard to see because the fabric is so busy and the boards are just leaning up against our living room wall for now since we're in the process of renovating our bedroom. But you can bet that there will be pictures of  these babies hung on our wall once our room is done. More to come!

This too is what we did instead of starting on our bedroom makeover.

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