Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hardware makes a difference.

Since moving into our home we have made many renovations. However, the simplest things like 
replacing knobs and hardware are things we've overlooked.
Mostly because there are 32 knobs in our kitchen alone that need to be replaced and I don't know if you've 
ever shopped around for drawer pulls, but they're not cheap.
Fortunately, this isn't about the kitchen knobs.
It's about some cabinets in our bedroom.
We were graced with the presence of these when we moved in.

These gold/white knobs are scattered throughout our house in various rooms waiting for us to retire them.
Knowing that the drawer pulls we wanted would cost around $8 a piece at another store.
We decided to go to Target and we found a 6-pack of brushed nickel drawer pulls for $16.99
For me that's still expensive, but I really wanted them so we splurged. 
Of course my guess was that we were going to take the old ones out, put the new ones on and be done.
But of course, I was wrong. Once those nasty knobs were taken off; we were left with this.
So we filled those holes with caulk! (Nope, I couldn't go without chuckling to myself about that last sentence.)
But then we were left with this...
Yes, we were left with these cute little scars on our doors.
(I won't mention what they look like in my opinion)
Enter: the white paint. 
So in short, we caulked, repainted and replaced the hardware on these lucky cabinets.
Here's the finished product.
And that is that! It may not seem like much of a change, but it will make a difference once the whole room is done. Which will be soon, hopefully.

Here's a YouTube video I found on how to make your own mountain painting.
I know it's random, but I liked it and I think you will too!
I'll post my attempt at it soon!

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