Monday, September 5, 2011

Frame Upgrade-diy

While working on our bedroom renovation,
I found this old picture frame in our garage.
We bought it at the flea market for around $4.00
back when we frequented the flea market.
I was looking for things to hang up in our bedroom that would match
everything else going in there.

It was pretty old and dirty but I cleaned it the best I could.
I especially liked the detail on it but the color of it wasn't going to
match anything in the room. So I painted it white, of course. 
Then I started looking for something to frame and I remembered that I had this fabric.
It's the same fabric that is used as the background for the title picture up above.
So we wrapped the fabric around some cardboard that fit the picture frame.
Then, my husband sewed the fabric to the cardboard,
 attached the back to the frame and then it was done.
(You can also staple it or use spray adhesive.) 

It looks great in our room, it will be going next to the framed maps and some shelving.
I'm not sure if I want to hang some jewelry like earrings or something on it, use it as a little tack board and pin pictures to it, or just leave it the way it is. For now, it's staying the way it is.
This was a super easy project, you don't need much to do it.
You may even have some of this stuff laying around your house, like I did.
We've taken time off of our bedroom because we're having sort of a storage crisis.
We're not sure whether we should get rid of some things or invest in some proper storage.
While deciding on that, we did some other small renovations.
I'll have an update on that tomorrow. (Hopefully)

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