Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas post #23 Our Changing Shelves

Throughout the few months that we've had them up, you've seen our shelves change throughout the seasons.
First they looked like this.

Then slowly they changed from that mixed with some fall decor.

Then, they completely transitioned to spooky Halloween shelves.

Who could forget the sad, empty shelves after the Halloween decor was removed?
That image still haunts me.

Finally, we come to the more recent shelving display.
It's filled with a few crafts that I've shared with you and a few that didn't quite make the cut.
So now that I've made you wait, made you look at all of those pictures you've already seen, I know the suspense is killing you!
(Unless you already scrolled down)
Here they are, our Christmas shelves.

You've seen them through good times and bad, now you're seeing them with some Christmas spirit!
Most of my past blog posts and crafts have been leading up to this point.
It's a bit of an accomplishment for me to finally post our finished shelves!
I tried my best to keep our Christmas decorating budget low.
We already had all of the felt and fabric for the stockings.
The tinsel garland was $1 each at Walgreens.
We already had those readers digest books.
You saw the post about the ceramic animal heads here
along with a few of the glass decorations we used for the snow globes.
Other than that, everything else was either crafted or purchased at the thrift store.
This is officially the last post about Christmas crafts.
It's bittersweet.
It's a little sad because I love Christmas.
On the other hand, once Christmas is over I can focus on 
Mia's birthday, then getting our house renovated!
I've got two more posts for you coming tomorrow.
I will see you then or I will see you on another time! 
I Love You, Man-anyone?

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