Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blogposts #21 & #22 Our gift wrap+Levi's terrarium

Christmas post #21 Our Gift Wrap

Last year, we had a white Christmas tree with a bunch of colorful ornaments.
This year we opted for a green one and I felt like this year I wanted new gift wrap.
I wanted something simple and cheap!
So I opted for some plain brown butcher paper.
To coordinate with the ornaments on our tree, I got some pink and blue yarn.
Here's what they looked like.

If you see your gift in there don't start trying to guess what it is!
Instead of spending money on gift tags, my husband drew banners on the paper with everyone's name on them. The butcher paper rolls were about $4 each and we have a bunch leftover for our last minute gifts.
The large rolls of yarn were on clearance for only $2! 
That's it for our DIY wrapping paper. 
Hope you enjoyed!
#22 Levi's terrarium

We frequent thrift stores, as if you didn't know that.
Almost every time we go, we see these gold clocks.

I'm sure you've seen them before too.
Well, I've been going through a cloche faze.
They look like this.

They're around $15-$40 at Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx but I'm reluctant to spend that much on one.
Since we were making our snow globes, Levi had the idea to make a terrarium out of that old clock that we found at the thrift store for $3.98!
It kind of reminds me of a cloche.
It's as close as I'm gonna get for $4!
Either way, this is how Levi turned that gold clock into a cloche lookalike/terrarium.
First, he gutted the clock.

Then, he painted the base white.

We just so happened to have some green floral foam and fake moss leftover from 
Mia's birthday party last year. Don't ask me why, we're just impulse buyers. 

He then shaped it to fit the base.

Then he stuck the fake moss to the base using some spray adhesive and added a cute little deer.
But that's not all!
He actually went a bit further and added a log to it.

There's his terrarium!
Isn't it so cute?
Apparently, my blog timer didn't work yesterday so I'll be giving you today what you should have had yesterday!
That's right, four posts in one day! Stay tuned for the next two posts.
I hope all of your Christmas shopping is done by now! 
If not, good luck and stay strong!
May the force be with you. 

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