Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas post #24 Past & Present Christmases

Levi and I have had so many great Christmases together.
I don't have pictures of all of our past Christmases, but I do have pictures for the ones that matter the most.
The Christmases that we've had with Mia.
Our first Christmas with Mia was in our old apartment.
Well, Mia wasn't born yet but we still had gifts for her.
Little did we know she'd be born 6 days later.
Here's a picture from Christmas 2008.

Our very first Christmas tree and ornaments, while our white Christmas tree was in it's prime.

Moving on to our next Christmas.
The most important Christmas.
December 25, 2009-Mia's first Christmas.
She was learning how to walk.
She also learned how to open gifts that weren't hers!

And our favorite photo's of her, taken by our good friend Tim.

Her second Christmas was last year, 2010.
It's amazing how fast she can grow in one year!
Here are last years Christmas pictures.

Last but not least, Mia's third Christmas picture.
This Christmas, 2011.

She's grown so much, so fast! 
I don't even want to think about how big she'll be next Christmas.
She's given us a reason to go crazy for Christmas and to be kids again!
We're so lucky to have her in our lives.
Time flies by so quickly, especially with kids.
I can't wait to see her unwrap her gifts and have a blast with all of her cousins.
We can't wait to see everyone soon! 
There's one more blog post coming up.
See you then!

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