Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Curtain shopping

I browsed for potential curtains for our guest room today. I looked at all of these window panels at Target. They are pretty, not too crazy with pattern, and the colors weren't too bright. Now that I look at them the bottom two are really the only ones I'd still consider. I guess it pays not to impulse buy.

Overall I was pretty excited that my first stop was so successful. Until I looked closer and realized that the window panels I was so excited to find weren't window panels at all. They were (pause for effect) shower curtains! "Oh well" I sighed and moved on to the actual window panel section and of course there was absolutely nothing.

      All hope is not lost, there are many other options. I could just buy two shower curtains, cut them in half and have curtains for both windows. There is also the option of shopping around (fabric stores, hobby lobby, home goods, etc.) The shower curtains were around $25.00 a piece, so that may end up being the cheaper route.
Nevertheless, that leaves room for a curtain continuation post.

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