Monday, February 18, 2013

Kitchen cabinet upgrades part 1

First let me start off by saying that I've missed you.
I haven't been doing much crafting or decorating lately.
I'm sure you've noticed  that I only blog when I've got something new to blog about. 
(Which of course is the point of blogging.)
When it comes to finding furniture and all of the things that we like in our price range, it takes patience.
It may seem like we have lots old furniture and that we find everything for cheap.
However, that's not exactly the case. 
We spend our free time at flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores.
Most of the time we don't find anything.
But there's those few times that we go and we find  furniture gold.
I've got a lot of cool finds and furniture to show you, but I'll catch up on that later.
This post is about a simple home renovation that cost us less than $20.
 I didn't really know anything about home renovations until I met my husband.
He's taught me so much and I like being able to share that with everyone.
So when we do something new to our house with our (non-existent) budget, 
I hope that it will help others that can't exactly afford all of the extravagant furnishings. 
I also hope that it inspires people to make their home whatever they want it to be. 
It doesn't have to cost you a bunch of money to be nice!
Our home has changed very much over the years 
but one of the few things that hasn't changed much has been the kitchen. 
We've put off renovating the kitchen because we knew it would cost us 
a pretty penny to do what we wanted to it.
I've never blogged about the kitchen because it's really nothing special.
It's got these off-white cabinets with white/gold knobs screwed into the center of each door.
You read that right, the center of each door.
What kind of dirtbag does that?

I mentioned here that we have 32 knobs in our kitchen to replace 
and that new knobs and drawer pulls aren't cheap. 
Well, they still aren't but I decided to do something about it anyway.
So my first step was to take off all hardware.
That's right, take all of those gold, good for nothing, visually unpleasing, butt-bending, knobs off.

Once all of those fart-knocking knobs were off, I sanded over the small holes.
My kitchen now looks like this.

That's pretty much where we're at right now.
We're living a life without kitchen hardware for the moment.
But I'll be back with updates before you know it.

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