Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mia's Katy Perry Costume.

A few months ago, Mia told me that she wanted to be Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time for Halloween. Me, being the impulse buyer that I am, hopped on Etsy and scoured the site for the costume of my 3 year old's dreams. I bought it, it was shipped to me and Mia loved it... for a week. Levi and I also planned on being characters from Adventure Time too. But our plans were foiled. Mia loves Katy Perry or "Kerry Perry" as she used to call her. I think I might have even mentioned it on here how obsessed she is. So of course I should have known that once we bought the Katy Perry movie that she would change her mind. 
No more Princess Bubblegum. "Mommy, you can sell that costume!" Is what she said. Because she wants to be Katy Perry. Of course I was upset that I wasted money on the other costume, but I was a little more mad at myself for the impulse purchase. So Levi and I told her she could be Katy Perry but she couldn't A) wear a cupcake bra or a bra with any other kind of sweet treats on it, or B) change her mind and want another costume. That's it! She can't change her mind again! If she doesn't want to be Katy Perry, tough titties!
Okay, so I didn't say tough titties to my daughter. Or did I? 
Moving on to the construction of said Katy Perry costume.
I decided that she would wear the candy dot costume that Katy Perry wears in the California Gurls music video. Because it seemed the easiest.
I started out with two yards of felt that I bought at Walmart for $9.98 
( I only needed one yard)
I measured Mia and cut the height and width to size. Which ended up being a big rectangle. 
I hemmed the top and bottom.
Then I pinned the edges to the right side and sewed it into a big tube.
Next I made two mini tubes for the straps.
I pinned them to the outside of the dress and sewed them on.
Once that was done I turned my dress inside out and it was finished!
So easy, right?
The next step was adding the candy buttons to the straps.
All I did was hot glue them on. 

The next part was the hardest part for me. The styrofoam balls.
I had no idea how to cut them in half!
I started with a huge kitchen knife, that stunk!
Then I moved onto an Exacto Knife. I thought heating it would make it easier but it just took more time. 
(that explains the candle in the back)
It took a while but I finally had them all cut in half. Then I painted them with Acrylics, the thicker paints worked better for me. Those small pink ones took like 60 coats! (exaggerating!)

Last but not least, I measured them out precisely (no, I didn't) and glued them to the dress.

The outfit wasn't complete without some shoes! 
I hot glued candy dots to some sparkly shoes that I bought for $8 at Walmart.

Here's my baby's final costume.

...and Katy Perry.
Let me point out that I'm not the best seamstress.
 I have never attempted to make any kind of clothing before this.
So if it looks a little crooked and wonky in the photos, that's because it is. 
But that's okay, it's a costume for my 3 year old and it didn't cost me too much.
How much you ask? 
Let me break it down.
1 yard of fabric - $5
2 packs of balls- $8
Paints- $10
Candy- $4
Shoes- $8
= $35 
Did I forget something? If I did let me know. 
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it.
Do you know what you're going to be for Halloween, yet? 


  1. Great job! Where did you get the smooth styrofoam balls? I have only found the ones with a rough surface. Thanks :)

  2. Thanks Michelle, I found them at both Hobby Lobby and Michael's.

  3. What kind of glue did you use to put the balls on the dress?

  4. Looks great, this will be my DD's costume too! Is the dress material felt or fleece? You said felt, but it looks like fleece. Thanks!

  5. So sorry! Ashley, I used Hot glue and Becky, you're right, it's fleece!


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