Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#9 & #10 Felt ornaments!

Hooray, I'm back with a few more blog posts!
I'm going to have to catch up soon so there will be a lot of Christmas crafts coming your way!
The crafts I'm going to show you in this post are two felt ornaments that I made.
They were pretty easy.
The first ornament is #9 The felt Mushroom Ornament.
First I picked out the colors that I was going to use.
Using a tan felt, I cut out a little rectangle and sewed the edges together.
 I cut out a little circle out of the same felt.

Then I stood up the tube of felt and put the circle on top of it.

After that, I sewed the circle to the tube.

Once that was done, it looked like this!

But you can't have that strip on the side sticking out, so you have to turn it inside out.

And it'll look like this!

Once that's done, you'll need two pieces of red felt cut into large circles and a few little white spots to make the top of the mushroom.

I sewed my white dots on, but it would be way easier to hot glue them!

Then, it's time to sew the red pieces together, leaving a hole large enough for you to stuff it.

Then hand sew that hole once it's stuffed.
Also, stuff the stem with some stuffing.

Then, just hand sew the stem onto the top.

You've got yourself a mushroom!

Hooray, that's done!
Now it's time to move onto
Post #10 The Felt Owl Ornament!

This post is totally easy too.
I got the colors of felt I wanted to use, and cut out the shape that I wanted the owl to be.
Then I cut out a pair of white eyes and eyelashes.

I was still in the sewing mood, so I sewed the eyes on the owl and a beak.
But you could just easily glue on some eyes to save some time.

Then, I used the same scalloping method that I used here
I cut out small circles and layered them starting from the bottom.
I glued those, since sewing would have been time consuming.
Once I did that, I added some wings!
Here are both of the ornaments after I added some string to hang them.

And, here they are on the tree!

I'm not just leaving you with these blog posts.
I might just have another blog post or two coming later on this evening.
Enjoy your Christmas shopping!
I know, I wont!
Was anyone else super excited to go Christmas shopping only to realize that some people somehow turn into trolls during the holiday season?
I learned that the hard way, unfortunately.
But those dementors won't suck away my good spirits!
Harry Potter, anyone?

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