Thursday, December 15, 2011

#11 and #12 Handmade gift exchange!

Last month, Levi and I took part in a Handmade gift exchange.
It was hosted by a fellow blogger named Linda at her blog Craftaholics Anonymous 
We basically had to make and ship a gift to our assigned partner by November 30th.
Levi finished his in about two days and it was awesome.
Mine, took much longer.
I decided to make a wreath for my partner and a matching ornament.
Here's how I started the wreath. 
#11 Handmade Wreath and Ornament!

First I wrapped the wreath with yarn.

I did that for about two or three episodes of Ghost Whisperer a day for two days.
I would alternate between wrapping my wreath and making flowers.

Once both of those were done, I glued the flowers into a big cluster and placed them onto the wreath.

Once the wreath was done, I decided to work on the matching ornament.
I cut circles out of felt and did the same scalloping method that I used here
Also added a hook to the top!

Here they are together.

Now onto #12 My Gift

After exchanging emails with my partner, she learned that Mia and I loved pink!
So she knitted us some matching pink headbands!

Along with the headbands she included the cutest little ornament!
She knitted a tiny sweater!

Of course, it didn't make it to the Christmas tree because Mia called it as soon as we got it!
She tried to fit it onto all of her dolls.
But I'm excited to add it to our collection of handmade ornaments!
If you're interested in participating in the next handmade gift exchange, I believe it's going to be sometime during the summer time.
Be sure to check out Craftaholics Anonymous for more info!

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