Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#5 Mia's letter to Santa Clause

This Christmas, Mia has been super excited about Santa Clause.
I told her about how he leaves gifts for her if she's good and in return she has to leave him milk and cookies.
I wasn't really sure if she understood what I was telling her, but apparently she did.
Last night, I asked Mia if she wanted to write a letter to Santa and she said yes.
So I got some paper and a marker and asked her what she wanted me to write.
Keep in mind, I wrote exactly what she said so it may not make much sense, but you'll get her point.
After the letter I'll type out what it says just in case it's too hard to read my messy writing or the crappy scan.
Here's the letter.

Here's what it says.

Dear Santa, 
My name is Mia, I 
want lots of Squinkies, a 
Barbie house, a Barbie 
and Ken, Green Lego's, purple 
eyes for Christmas. I love 
you. I'm Mia (her full name but I blocked it out for privacy purposes)
Santa Clause is favorite Mia
 friend. I want to make
 Santa Clause cookies for Santa. 
Santa Clause is favorite girl 
you ever seen. You're my best
 friend. I love you too. 
Santa Clause do you have markers? 
That's it. I love you.
From Mia 
Age 2 

There you have it, a letter to Santa from my two year old.
Don't you just love her?
I know I do!

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