Thursday, December 15, 2011

#13 and #14 Easy pop up Christmas card + Kix garland.

#13 Easy pop up Christmas card

This would be my second time making a pop up card.
The first card I made was for my sister's birthday.
I only wish I would have taken pictures of it!
Oh well, now I have a whole tutorial on how to make one.
I included this card with the gift that I made for the gift exchange.
The first thing to do is get a piece of white paper and a piece of construction paper.
You can use any color of construction paper.
(I chose blue paper, then changed my mind and used red.)
Next, I cut some slits into the white paper where the fold is.

Then you open the card and extend those tabs and glue the white paper to the construction paper.

This is where the decorating comes in.
I cut out some Christmas tree's out of card stock and had Levi make me a banner.

Then, I glued them to those tabs and they looked like this:

I also added some confetti around the edges.
The finished card looked like this.

I just added a personalized message to the bottom and it was done!
For my sister's birthday card, I added some balloons and a banner.
You can personalize it however you want!

#14 Kix Garland

I remember seeing Christmas movies where kids would make pretty
Christmas garland with their parents out of popcorn or kix.
So I thought this year Mia might enjoy doing it with me.
At first, I told her to try the kix cereal and tell me if she liked it.
But once she put it in her mouth she spit it out and said she didn't like it.
However, once I told her that her cousins like that cereal she stuffed her 
mouth and couldn't get enough of it!
So, for materials, I used:
A needle

All I did was string the kix until they reached the knot at the end.

Once done it will look like this!

There you have it!
Two quick, cheap and easy projects!
Tomorrow, I'll have two more projects and will hopefully be caught up!
There's not much time left for Christmas!
Hope you're as excited as we are! 
See ya tomorrow!

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