Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wall shelves

Ever since our last trip to Ikea, I've been itching to work on some small things around the house.
For instance, we bought some wall shelf frames from Ikea called ekby gällö.
They were on sale for $4.00 but being $5.00 isn't really a deal breaker either.
Definitely not after the finished product.
Since they were so affordable, we bought six to make three pairs of shelves.
The thing about Ikea shelving is that the wood for the actual shelf isn't exactly cheap.
It's also not the best quality.
So instead of spending around $20.00 for each individual shelf, (we would need nine of them)  
which would come out to around $180.
We took the cheaper route.
Definitely not my favorite route because it involves being patient.
Since we spent so much at Ikea, I'd have to wait another week or two in order
to buy the wood we wanted at Home Depot.
But boy was it worth it.
We bought six 1 x 8 x 6's at Home Depot for around $6.00 each.
That comes out to around $36.00

There they are, waiting to be put up and enjoyed.
After deciding where to put them up, Levi slapped those babies up on the wall 
in our dining area and then later in our living room.

 I started with these shelves.
I wasn't sure what to put on them so I started pulling out books from our bookshelf 
and pulling out all of my photos, frames and all of the little stuff 
that had been stored away.

It took me all day to sort through everything and place things where I was finally satisfied.
By the end of the day, the house was torn apart.
But the shelves looked great!

Here are some close ups of the pictures I chose.

 Mia at the Alamo.
My favorite picture of my parents. 

A picture of Mia taken during our title banner photo shoot. 
My husband- taken during "Mia's Day."

Getting back to my house being torn apart by the end of the day.
My husband came home from work and put up the next set of shelves.
By then I had already lost all interest in shelving and used all of my favorite 
things on the last shelves.
So with the help of my husband, we decorated the other shelves.

They're definitely not complete. 
There are some things that I would like to remove and things that I want to keep.
Levi put together that magnificent framed map up there.
Using my second Cracker Barrel map as seen here.
Everything that was placed on the shelves were things that we already had. 
You may have already seen some of these things in other posts but they have since been replaced.
I'm looking forward to going to the flea market and finding new things 
that I can paint or somehow dress up to put on the shelves.
We still have a pair of shelving frames that need to be put up 
and wood to be purchased, 
but for now we can't decide where to put them.
We've got some more to do and we've also completed a few more things.
I'll update as soon as I pull it all together.
Or as soon as we have another adventure.

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  1. how are these holding up? I am thinking about doing an entire wall of these.


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