Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paint your pumpkins!

It has been just short of a month since I've last posted.
September was a busy month. 
So many birthdays and to be honest, it left no room in the budget for home decor and crafts.
Luckily, now it's October ( my favorite month) and time to get ready for my second favorite holiday...
I'm especially excited this year because my baby can enjoy it with me.
She's been with me for a few crafts I've been working on and to my surprise, she hasn't been scared
of many of our decorations!
Since October 1st I've  been trying to start on new projects for Halloween and this project was my first.
I try to keep things cheap and affordable but I'm known for going a bit overboard.
So pace yourself and learn from my mistakes.
Now for the project:
Spray painted pumpkins.
Seems easy enough, as long as you get the right paint.
I chose these babies.
I should have gone with my gut and known that rust-oleum was the best and 
left the krylon cans behind the caged doors at Walmart.
Unfortunately, I went overboard.
 These pumpkins were also purchased at Walmart. 
My favorite was the already shiny metallic one.
They were reasonably priced at- wait for it.....
97 cents! Hooray! 
Next started the painting process. 
I started with the rust-oleum metallic gold paint and it worked wonderfully.

 Next it was time for the purple Krylon paint.
 As you can see, it kind of bubbled up and was not metallic whatsoever!
That prompted me to take action and read the label on the can.
Which read: "Metal finishes are formulated to create a dazzling anodized color effect when sprayed over properly prepared chrome and shiny bare metal surfaces."
 So I sprayed the pumpkin that was already metallic, blue.

 As you can see, the colors don't exactly match up with their lid colors.
I spent about $8 on spray paint that I probably wont use.
However, there is a happy ending to this story.
A new love has formed, a love between me and the gold metallic spray paint.
Enter: spray paint frenzy!
 The rest of the pumpkins were painted gold.

 As were a few other accessories I found around the house. 

 As I mentioned before, there are more Halloween projects coming your way.
I have a few done and more on the way.
There are a few more home renovations that we want to do, but some saving will need to be done.
Levi and I have been talking about a formal living area makeover in the near future.
But until then, I'll have some small projects for Halloween!

These are from Halloween two years ago when my baby was Master Yoda.

*Might I also mention that this month marks the 1 year anniversary for this blog.
Although it hasn't been kept updated as often as I would like to, I still enjoy looking back at past projects and seeing how much has changed in so little time. <3 

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