Sunday, July 3, 2011


After much thought I finally decided on some curtains for the guest room. 
I went with one of the shower curtains I mentioned in an earlier post.
I cut them down the center and hemmed the edges.
First I folded and ironed the edges.
Then I sewed the edges.
This is the finished product.
Next they were hung. 
I didn't want to have to rip the existing seams to fit the curtain rod through,
so I bought the curtain clamps.
They work really well with heavy fabric.
Sometimes when fabric is to heavy for curtain rods they don't fold right on the curtains, 
and that's where the clamps come in. 
In my case it was just to avoid extra work.
Either way, here's what they look like.

Two shower curtains were enough for four window panels.
Each shower curtain was $24.99 so I ended up spending around $50.00
The curtain rods were $10.00 at Walmart and the 
curtain clamps were $4.95
This totaled to around $75.00
Kind of on the expensive side but you can find cheaper fabric or even shower curtains
anywhere. I just so happened to fall in love with this pattern and couldn't live without it. 
You may also notice that we got rid of all of the cute accessories on the dresser 
on account of the TV. 
We found a good deal, so we splurged.
Our kitchen renovation may have to be put on hold now but it'll be totally worth it. 

See ya!

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