Monday, August 8, 2011

A new member in our family.

Our family of four has now turned into a happy family of five.
Mia and Sophia aren't our only babies anymore.
We now have a baby boy in our home.
His name is Rigby. 
We fell in love with him while we were puppy-sitting this weekend.
He's a boston terrier. 
He's six weeks old and he has a cleft lip. 
He's unable to feed from his mother so he has to be bottle-fed puppy formula every three hours.
All of his brothers and sisters weigh 2.5 lbs and he weighs less than a pound.

It's just like having a newborn baby in our house that has to be fed and burped every three house.
He's so cute and lovable. 
Hopefully soon he'll be as big as his brother and sisters. 
We're so excited to have a new member in our family and I'll definitely keep updates as he grows.
I know this blog had nothing to do with our home but we'll consider this part of the "other adventures"
Plus it serves as an excuse to why we still haven't finished the renovations on our bedroom.
Not to worry, it'll be done soon enough! (I say type that to reassure myself)
Well that pretty much sums up this post. 
Maybe tomorrow I'll be feeling more productive and pull together a craft of some sort.
I've got a lot of things around the house that need to be done.
Until tomorrow folks!

P.S. I hope you like the new layout. The picture above was our other alternative. 
No, not really but since I showed one puppy I figured I'd show the other. 

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