Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mia's room

 Mia's room is undeniably a little girl's room. It was one of the first rooms we decorated when we moved in. Which is why there are already things that I want to change about it. Mia and I both love the colors that the walls are painted and the pom poms on the ceiling. (Granted, I haven't finished them) There are also a few things in there that I would like to change. 

Half a ceiling of pom poms. There's no excuse why I haven't finished making them. I have a few packs of them in her closet, I just haven't finished them. However, they will be a new priority. I want this room finished, and quick!
Lack of curtains, I have some pretty, vintage snow white fabric that I bought at a thrift store a few weeks ago that I planned on using as curtains. Here's hoping it matches the room! There's another negative in this picture and that is the crib turned daybed. It serves it's purpose but I think it's about time to get my baby a toddler bed. I'm pretty particular on what I want and don't want. My very constructive husband may just end up making her one on account of the few that I've liked have been around the $1000 mark and we spent less than half of that on our own queen sized bed! 
This toy organizer has seen better days. I'd like to get a sturdier shelf with little bins to hold all of the smaller toys. Of course that still wont keep the toys from ending up on the floor but that's inevitable. 
I'm also not sure why I put those candle holders on the wall, but they stayed there. 
Levi hates this big armoire. I think it's pretty but I agree that it takes up way too much space. Maybe we'll find space for it somewhere else in our house. For now it will stay in Mia's room. 
Mia's closet is the worst part of her room. 
It basically just holds everything that doesn't fit into the room.
We wish we could run to the container store and drop a grand on some closet organizers, 
but we're penny pinching just to afford some new couches!
For now, we'll make do with what we have and try to find some sort of cheap fix
for closet organization.
We'll keep you updated on our future finds and DIY's. 

On an unrelated note: Here's a photo of our sad attempt at making play-doh.

As you can see, she's not very happy being dirty. 
She didn't start having fun until I was washing her hands and she was playing 
in the water. 

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