Friday, July 6, 2012

Mia's new room!

Hello everyone, I'm finally here to give you a little glimpse of what we've been up to.
It's been a while since I've posted a room-makeover but
 that doesn't mean we've stopped doing what we love to do.
So I'm hoping to start updating frequently and actually have crafts to do.
So far I'd say things are going swimmingly.

Moving on to the actual topic of this post; 
Mia's new room.
We figured it was time to update her baby room into a big kid room.
But before I can start telling you about her big kid room,
 I have to remind you of her old room!
You can see the full post here.
If you don't feel like clicking the link and opening a new window, 
I'll post some pictures for you lazy people. I mean, how hard is it to open a new window? 

Here's the old pink room.
Then the tent bed my husband made.

Well, everything's completely different now. 
Here's what the room looks like now.

Now that you've seen all of the pictures, 
I'll break down what we bought and how much it cost.
Mia's KidKraft bed was a Christmas gift from her Grandma and Grandpa.
I believe they got it from
Mia's two white shelves are from Ikea.
The tall upright shelf is called the LERBERG and was $19.99
The horizontal shelf is called EXPEDIT and we bought it on sale for $69.99, 
however it's $89.99 now. (Boo!)
The rug is the ever popular GISLEV rug in red and is $19.99
The table and two chairs are also $19.99 and are called LÄTT.
Her red, heart nightlight is called SMILA HJÄRTA and was $9.99
                                       Her duvet comforter is called VITAMINER HJÄRTA and is $19.99
It came with that cute heart pillowcase but Mia likes herself some Avengers.
All of the items with the weird names are from Ikea, of course.
The pink mid-century dresser was from our guest room.
We're renovating that room again but more on that later.
The mid-century chair alphabet poster is from Fab, I'm not sure how much it cost.
They shipped it like four months after we bought it and we forgot we even ordered it!
I tried to get a close-up of the curtains, but if you can't really see it they're gray floral with blue birds on them.
I got the fabric at Hancock Fabrics while they were having a "50% off designer fabric" day.
They were originally $14.00 a yard but I got them for $7.00 a yard and got four yards!
If you see anything else in the room that I haven't mentioned 
and you'd like to know where it came from let me know! 
This room didn't come together in a day, or even a week!
We don't get lucky one day and hit all of the discounts.
I spent a lot of time online looking for sales and dropping by the fabric stores to see what was on sale.
It takes time, but eventually you get the outcome you want and you may even get what you wanted for an even lower price than expected. 
Those are the best times in our opinion.

P.S. I opened an Etsy shop and some of the items can be seen in this very blog.
Here's the link if you'd like to check it out!  Thanks everyone!

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