Friday, August 19, 2011

Mia's new closet nook!

I've been spending a lot of time on ohdeedoh
It's apartment therapy's site for kids.
I have seen so many cute nooks, DIY's and kids rooms that are so awesome!
So, being the impatient mom that I am, I decided I would switch my plans from 
working on our bedroom(which is almost done by the way) to working on Mia's room.
You may remember her curtain-less window and crib turned day-bed.

The ceiling (almost) covered with pom-poms.

And last but not least, the unorganized closet complete with ball pit and Barbie RV.
Well, I had a few ideas and this is what they consisted of :
A) Retire the ball pit.
No one missed it. 
(Oh wait, that's because it's still sitting in our living room waiting to be thrown out.)
B) Move the small plastic dresser full of Mia's baby clothes.
C) Throw some curtains on that window!
D) Get rid of the crib.

I threw a few ideas around in my head about what I wanted to do with the bottom half of her closet.
Ultimately, I figured I'd make Mimi a little reading nook.
Using things we already had around the house, I pulled together a cute little room
that my baby enjoys.
Here it is:

First I painted the bottom half of the closet using paint that we already had.
The curtains are from a previous room.
We had the garland leftover from the title picture that we took.
Also, the mini-rug in there is what my husband and I took turns crocheting when we were learning how to crochet circles.
Here's the other side of the nook. Mia had one of those Dora couches that folds out 
but it didn't fit into the nook. So I did some mini couch surgery and reupholstered it with some nesting doll fabric. (Don't be too impressed, I used fabric glue because as I mentioned earlier- I'm impatient.)

We also used a small shelf that was too small to put anywhere in our house but just so happened to be perfect for this mini-room. We completed it with Mia's favorite book and some nesting dolls.

We had this pink frame sitting in our house for a while not knowing where to put it.
Originally it was gold and the mirror was damaged.
We painted it pink, cut some wood to fit the back and painted it with chalkboard paint.
You may also notice the Christmas lights that are pinned up as the lighting source for the nook.
We didn't have many options when it came to lighting in there because we were only using things we already had in the house and none of the lamps we had would fit in there.
Mia loved it nonetheless and was completely happy to play in there with Sophia and Rigby.
There was no cost for this project. Projects like this are the best because not only do we not spend any money but we get to be creative and make a beautiful princess happy!

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