Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas post #1 There's room for everyone on the nice list!

 Hooray, it's finally December! 
Which means Christmas time is here!
I'm especially excited because I have compiled 25 Christmas inspired crafts/ blog posts.
I love Christmas and decorating, but decorations can get kind of pricey.
So, this year I decided to thrift, upcycle and make my own!
Last month was pretty much spent planning and crafting for this holiday extravaganza 
so I'm hoping you won't be disappointed.
The first craft of the month will be a pair of scalloped Christmas trees.
You will need:
A hot glue gun
Paper of your choice and a large hole punch
You will also need these: 
Styrofoam cones. I bought this pack for $4 at Walmart 
then found them for $1 each at the dollar tree. 
Don't you hate when that happens?
Either way, I bought two more for $1 each but haven't used them yet.

Moving on, after gathering everything I would need, I started punching out the holes.

I sorted out the circles that I cut out by color
 and figured out how I was going to lay them out.

I decided I was going to go from light to dark, so starting from the bottom I used the dark circles 
and worked my way up to the lighter shades.

Easy enough, right?
Once he saw how much fun I was having, Levi decided to make one too.

There they are!
His and hers Christmas trees.

They took about an hour to make and were super easy.
I'm thinking about letting Mia make one only substituting the hot glue for some Elmer's glue.
Well, that concludes the first Christmas post!
I'm excited to have more posts coming soon!
Until next time, farewell!

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  1. We Are Awesome btw your tree looks more planned out than mine lol


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