Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bench updates and more projects.

I can't say we've done a whole lot since yesterday but the bench project has officially been started.
Here's a reminder of the pretty bench before.
Here's what it looks like during the reupholstering process.
This is the vinyl material with the padding.
As you can see the inside is dusty and the padding has been soaked with water.
My guess is that this bench was sitting outside while it was raining.
Here's a picture of what remains of the bench.
We're not sure what those stickers were for but we're going to use them and add a few more to mark out where the buttons on the fabric are gonna go.
I realize it looks nothing like what we originally fell in love with, but it's going to look even better when we're done with it!
All I need to do is hit up the fabric store for some material, buttons, batting and the padding.
Not sure how much that's gonna cost but you can bet that I'm gonna look for the best deal I can.
Whether it be a coupon, or just waiting for Hancock Fabrics or Hobby Lobby to have a sale on Fabric.
That's pretty much all we've done with the bench. But we have had yet another project that's we've been working on. ( By we, I mean Levi of course!)
We recently inherited a piano from a friend and it's been Levi's baby.
We bought some parts for it and Levi's in the process of fixing it.
There it is, all opened up.
We plan on cleaning it up and painting it.
The keys on it are cracked and worn but we like them that way so I don't think we'll be changing them.

I think this is the project that I'm most excited about, it's going to look so pretty in our living room.
It's just time consuming but we're hoping to start the painting process by this weekend.
This is the bench for it that will also be painted and maybe even upholstered.
Speaking of painting there is also something else that we hope to get painted.
I know it doesn't look too great, but when it's finished it will be so pretty. 
We spent $50 on it. It was a bit of a splurge but Levi had been wanting it for months so one day we decided we'd just get it.  
That concludes our project post, there's more to come.
I'm getting a bit more organized with blogging daily. 
More projects = More posts.
Thanks for stopping by! 
Soon I'll have some Halloween goodies for you! 

I also thought I'd mention that my baby Rigby is doing great!
He learned how to sit. 
I've been trying to teach him and Sophia but she just doesn't get it.
 That's him in action, waiting for his treat!


  1. Great project, your dog is adorable! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

    Love, Lacey


  2. hi darling :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog
    did you try the sandwich for the hubby?
    i hope you did and it turned really good :D

    i would love to keep in touch with you
    want to follow each other?

    let me know


  3. thats my boy... (tear)


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