Friday, August 19, 2011

Mia's Tent Bed!!! (posted by Levi)

I have been wanting to build Mia a new bed for awhile now, 
I'm a huge procrastinator so it hasn't been done.
 But a couple of days ago I willed myself to make her one, and if I do say so myself
(and I do) it came out amazing!
Mia is always saying how she wants a play house and gets a big blanket for us all to get under.
family + blanket = playhouse 
So I had seen a few play tents online and totally wanted to "one up" those others,
I got some materials and within what felt like 30 minutes. Ta-dah!
Amazing tent bed!
 What else could be a better playhouse than one she could sleep in!?

 I didn't take any process photos because I honestly didn't think about it, but its just 
1x2's, pocket hole screws, zip ties and fabric.
Simple right? (I know!)
By the way, I am obsessed with pocket hole screws.
I feel like if your projects hardware isn't aesthetically pleasing, then it isn't at it's full potential.
Oh, and also, they're AWESOME so 1+1=2

But here it is Mia's new tent bed. Awesome, I know. 
Thank you, thank you....

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