Monday, June 20, 2011

Lovely living room.

Living areas are important. They are the place that every visitor sees, the place where you spend time relaxing, and if you're my husband; the place where you play your video games. So it's a given that the living room has to be comfortable, inviting, and decorated to perfection. My living room was none of that. Until now. Well, almost. Picture a huge room with white walls and low ceilings... Now, cut that in half and that's my living area. Let's throw in my big beige sofa, love seat and recliner, small entertainment center from ikea, with our even smaller 27" tv. Are you getting the visual? Talk about washed out, depressing, and just plain... well, plain. So to liven up the room Levi and I decided on a sky blue color and that's where it all started. 

       So here's the living room with blue walls, the sofa, love seat, recliner trio and the too small ikea                          entertainment center. There's also the window that was removed and replaced with two new windows. 
Next is the almost the exact same shot, only with a beautiful princess rolling around on the floor.

Now the window has been removed, the two new windows are placed in and it is in the process of being re-sheet rocked. (Pay no attention to the Toy Story toys and the naked Ken doll on the floor) 

The sheet has now been rocked (Okay, I know that made no sense but I can't help thinking that every time I type the words "sheet rock.") and my sexy husband added the outlets for the tv, cable and everything else. Then he started to tape and float.

After it was all done we painted the wall to match the other walls in the house, installed the tv, changed the entertainment center and thought we were done. (That's Mia having a slumber party in the living room)
We thought we were done, until we realized that we hated  despised that blue color!
Enter- gray walls and a mess of cords!
Now the final product which is our living area today!


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