Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bathroom Renovation!

This is a post that should have been posted a year ago. However, I'm just now putting the effort in to do so. There has been quite a bit of changes around the house since then; but I'll be posting those as well. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon! Well, here it is, the bathroom renovation that took place around this time last summer. Might I also mention that Levi started this demolition a week before we went on our family vacation. So the whole time we were on vacation, I was wishing we were home so that our new bathroom could be finished!
This is before everything was torn out. The counter tops were previously white with golden sparkles in it. 

This is while we were cleaning everything out of the cabinets and right before Levi started ripping out the floor and cabinets. Unfortunately, we didn't take a picture of that since that is where most of the headaches started and I didn't want to be in the way snapping photos while my husband labored away!

The new floor is finally down in this picture and the walls are about to be re-sheet rocked and textured. 

Attic shot before the lights are put in. 

Here's the beauty, after all of the headaches. 

We just recently added the defibrillator box. Levi found it at work and we couldn't find a place for it until we bought the cute little first aid box at Target. It only made sense to put them both in the restroom.
      It's sad to say that this is the end of the bathroom renovations, but after the wall coming off with the cabinets, installing the light fixtures in the hot, hot attic, (in july, in Texas) and that damned Ikea sink/faucet that just so happens to be metric and a totally different setup than one bought at  Home Depot or Lowes, I'm completely happy with how it came out and totally have my badass husband to thank for all of it.  <3

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  1. This is seriously the coolest bathroom ever. I living in an apartment so I can't do any demo or I totally would. I can't wait to live in a house that I can make all mine :)

    xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple


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