Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter weather means we're all staying inside!

    For the past few days the weather has gone from cold to freezing!
Luckily, none of us are sick, however most of my family and friends weren't so lucky.
Reluctantly, I decided that Mia, Levi and I wont be leaving the house unless it's absolutely necessary!
That also means that we've been struggling to keep ourselves and our two year old occupied.
Levi and I finally made our own Etsy shop, we had been wanting to for so long and now that we were both home together we had the time to set up shop!

      However, today I could tell that we were all getting a bit antsy after being indoors for the past two days.
So Levi and I decided to make Mia her first playhouse.

I had also ordered Levi some French Macarons from Etsy for Valentine's day and they arrived today!

We've attempted to make these twice already but I don't think any of them were picture-worthy.
They weren't complete fails, but they were definitely not as cute as these!

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