Friday, August 26, 2011

Mia's day.

Since we've been spending most of our time working on our house and shopping for our house 
we decided that we should take the princess out for a day of her own.
We've done this before and it didn't turn out too successful. 
The last time we took her to IHOP, then the movies to see Cars 2 and not only did she not sit through it, 
she ended up falling asleep halfway through it. 
However, after the movie we took her to the Disney store to pick out a toy 
and that's where she got Belle. She takes Belle everywhere she goes.
Here are the photo's from our very first "Mia's Day"
IHOP, the first stop.

This is leaving the Disney store after she got Belle.

On the way to get dinner.

At dinner.

This time we decided to do something a little different. 
Something to keep her awake and occupied the whole time.
We thought we'd take her to the Sanrio store at Rivercenter Mall since she's never been.
She fell in love with everything Hello Kitty. 
After that, we took her to the Disney store and of course she had a blast.
Next was the Alamo.
She's never been to Rivercenter or the Alamo.
So this was a shot in the dark.
Here's how that went. 

As you can see, she's happy as long as she can pose and take pictures.
The whole trip was a success!
She posed, she played, she shopped and walked a whole lot!
By the end of the day she was exhausted and anxious to play with her new Belle barbie doll.
We had so much fun with Mia today that it couldn't go undocumented.
We're so lucky that we get to do these things with her and just have fun once in a while.
She's a lucky little girl with two doofy parents that she can play barbies and
have dance parties with. 
No sibling required. 

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